The Freedom Foundation believes that it is critical to promote sustainable agriculture that is environmentally friendly and climate smart. To that end, the Freedom Foundation has chosen to align its mission and investments with ACTS Freedom Farms™ of America, Inc.

ACTS Freedom Farms innovative operational strategy is to utilize the most advanced CEA growing technologies available in a commercial growing facility within a master-planned residential live-work or live-near agricultural community environment where Veteran owner participants form a staple and committed workforce assuring the Demonstration Farm a significant competitive advantage.

ACTS Freedom Farms business model creates master-planned real estate-based agricultural environments throughout the U.S. to engage in commercial food production utilizing technologically advanced CEA to become a reliable resource for locally grown demand-based food products and engage military Veteran employees and owner/operators in their food production strategy.


Live-Work Demonstration Farm

A Demonstration Commercial Greenhouse and Hydroponic Farm and Live-Work Master-Planned Agricultural Community provides a backdrop on which to demonstrate the chosen business model and CEA technologies, as well as venues to validate eco-friendly best practices, workforce strategy, and commercial growing and distribution methods that determine a profitable agricultural operation.

Workforce Strategy

Readiness and security are critical to America’s food and agriculture. The Freedom Foundation is looking to military Veterans as the next generation of Agricultural Specialists, to fill the roles that keep America’s food supply safe and secure, preserve and strengthen our communities, while restoring and conserving the environment. The workforce strategy is unique in that the Demonstration Farm creates Veteran “labor partners” instead of paid laborers through a home ownership opportunity within the “Live-Work” community to accomplish food production goals.

Agricultural Specialist Internship

To create a pool of qualified and knowledgeable workers for the commercial growing operations, and in addition to “direct hire” strategies, a paid internship program will be launched at the early stages of the Demonstration Farm development. A paid internship program will help Veterans learn the basics of the latest CEA technologies and methodologies. There will be continuing education and mentorship to support, encourage, and ensure their success. Qualified interns may then be invited or will be free to apply for permanent employment within the many opportunities presented by the Demonstration Farm as it grows into a major enterprise.

Career Development in Controlled Environment Agriculture

While some Veterans will come to the Demonstration Farm with some basic knowledge of agriculture, the majority of participants will not. In collaboration with colleges, universities and industry partners, ACTS Freedom Farms will provide all necessary training in CEA technologies and will help Veterans learn CEA technologies and methodologies used in connection with the Demonstration Farm. There is an established career development program through ACTS Freedom Farms for continuing education and mentorship to support, encourage and ensure their long-term success in the new agriculture.
The Freedom Foundation is able to fulfill its mission and help Veterans secure a job, a career, a home and even their own business due to the support of generous donors. We welcome all donation levels and thank you, in advance, for your contribution.


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